The author of this web page does not personally check these harps before uploading the advertisements. If you are unsure about what to look for when buying a harp, please contact a local harpist from the teacher list to come and view the harp with you.

Harps For Sale

L & H style E85 harp
L & H style E85 46 string mahogany semi grand pedal harp. Has a beautiful full rich sound. I’m the 2nd owner, it’s 10 years old in perfect condition, no scratches, a regulation was done last August.
Travel and dust cover included. $25k ono.
The harp is located in Balmain NSW.

Please contact Lauren Schoenauer on 0407731654 or
Advertisement uploaded on August 26 2016

Horngacher harp
It is an Empire Style, but without the gold-leaf decoration, Concert Grand with extended soundboard, 47 strings.
It was built in 1975, when I bought it new. It is in very good condition, with scarcely any marks on the body of the instrument.
I am asking $50,000 for it , and the price includes its original tuning key, velvet cover and solid wood and aluminium travelling box.

Please contact Mary Anderson on 9859 9159 or
Advertisement uploaded on September 28 2015

Camac little big blue road/flight case for sale
Brand new, custom made by Aerolyte Melbourne for Hamilton Island but will not fit on small aircraft. Fully padded inside with impact foam. Wheels on length side.
Pick up in Heidelberg Heights Victoria or delivery in Melbourne or Adelaide.
125cm L, 190cm h, 65cm W
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Please contact Emily Rosner 0405 038 389
Advertisement uploaded on February 4 2015